Work Health and Safety and Environment Policy
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AKTAŞ HOLDING aims at minimizing adverse effects on the environment at all stages of production and service activities for the air suspension spring, membrane and sub-components for a sustainable future and providing its employees with a healthy and ergonomic working environment according to the occupational health and safety standards. In line with this goal, we undertake, as all employees of AKTAŞ HOLDING starting from the top directors, to

  • Comply with all laws and other conditions regarding occupational health and safety, ensure environmental conscious to be increased in our employees, suppliers and other sections cooperated by us,
  • Improve the occupational health and safety and environment management system, its goals and performance continuously,
  • Prevent pollution in its source without occurrence considering environmental effects, use resources efficiently, reduce wastes occurred during our operations, take measures for recycling possibilities and search and use alternative materials sensitive to the environment as much as possible,
  • Perform risk assessments in all primary and supporting activities starting from delivery of rubber and other raw materials, auxiliary materials to our facility up to shipment of the product to the customer, new projects or important changes in work flow, identify risks and take required measures before occurrence of accidents or occupational diseases and review them all the time,
  • Include all visitors, sub-employers and subcontractors to be present on our work site in the occupational health and safety and environment management system of AKTAŞ HOLDING, encourage application of the applicable standards,
  • Comply with the rules of occupational health and safety as all employees, contribute in prevention of risks and thus assure our own safety.

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